Here I am in tourist mode

Astride a stubborn, wet camel in Tangier

Dancing amid the cheese rounds in Tuscany

The recipe for alligator stew: First, find an alligator the size of your pot.

Flying through the air with not the greatest of ease—Costa Rica jungle

Nearly losing my head while kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland

Eating army style with the Missouri National Guard in Alaska

My not too graceful descent from an 18-wheeler ride.

Relaxing on the beach

Up, up in the air in a beautiful balloon

Mel and I at the Missouri inaugural ball, 1997

Viewing the Flood of ’93 from a helicopter

Reading to children at Christmas

Governor Mel Carnahan and Jean

Questioning Ken Lay during a Commerce Committee hearing

Introducing Sens. Ted Kennedy and John Kerry to Midwest frozen custard

Women of the 107th US Senate during a bi-partisan evening out

On the stump in 2002

Late Night with Leno

My daughter, Robin, and President Obama were born the same day and year: Aug. 4, 1961

President Bill Clinton, ever the charmer

Vice President Joe Biden visits Missouri

My Senate office

In the Senate chamber, being sworn in by Vice President Al Gore accompanied by my son, Tom, and daughter, Robin.

Barbara Bush and I read to children

Hillary Clinton and I both went to the U.S. Senate in 2001

A visit from Lily Tomlin, one of my favorite comedians.

Visiting with Robert Redford in my Senate office

Meeting Billy Graham during his crusade in St. Louis

Working on a Habitat for Humanity house

Tipper Gore visits the Governor’s Mansion

Jean receives the 1997 March of Dimes Missouri Citizen of the Year” award from Anna Roosevelt (right), granddaughter of FDR and Eleanor.

Sens. Lieberman, Carnahan, Edwards, McCain, and Thompson meet with Afghan president Ahmid Karzai and Women’s Affairs Minister Sima Samar at Bagram air base near Kabul, January, 2002

Armed Services Committee delegation to Afghanistan in 2002. Backrow (l. to r.) Senators Lieberman, Carnahan, McCain, Bill Nelson, Edwards, Collins, Thompson, Reed, Hagel

Family, 2011: (standing) Andrew, Jean, Lisa, Tom; (seated) Austin, Deb, Russ, Sydney holding Cabanne, Juan Carlos, Adair and Robin holding Harper

Family, 1990: (standing) Debra, Russ, Austin, Mel, Tom; (seated) Beaumont (our Newfy), Robin, Jean, Randy, and my father, who lived with us the last seven years of his life

Pope John Paul II, VP Al Gore, Gov. Mel Carnahan and Jean during the papal visit to St. Louis, January 1999

My son, Tom, and I greet the Dali Lama during his visit to St. Louis

Book signing is a great way to stay in touch with readers

Visiting with VP Hubert Humphrey, 1968.

During a session of clown school. (I’m the clown on the left.)

At the farm on a fall day

When it’s time to cook and eat at the farm, everyone pitches in

Plucking a few clay pigeons from the air

Constructing an outdoor pizza oven with the help of family and friends

On the farm in Rolla.

Commencement speech at Truman University

With Michelle Obama