Christmas at the Mansion

Its Memories and Menus


  • “Arrayed in splendor like a grand dame of yesteryear, the stately Mansion comes alive with the sights, sounds, and aromas of the holidays.”  
    Missouri Mansion Preservation
  • Christmas at the Mansion is a lovely book filled with gorgeous photographs of Christmases past. The book was written by former first lady of Missouri, Jean Carnahan and published in 1999.

    “The mansion was built in the later part of the 1800’s. Mrs. Carnahan says that at Christmas, the house is ‘arrayed in splendor like a grand dame of yesteryear.’ All of the photographs are lovely and show the house decorated in the magnificence of the Victorian era. Many of the first families of Missouri are remembered in pictures and some of their Christmas cards that had been sent out over the years, are shown. There is also a page with photographs of all the Missouri governors who served their state from 187l to 1999. 

    “Tidbits and memories of visitors are introduced throughout this lovely tribute. At one point when Senator Ted Kennedy paid an unexpected visit to the area, Mrs. Warren Hearnes invited him for a meal. Unfortunately, the cook was off that day and the first lady cooked giant hamburgers for lunch. The Senator graciously said that hamburgers were one of his favorite foods! Over the years, various famous people have visited, including, General George Custer, President Jefferson Davis, Grand Duke Alexis of Russia, President Harry Truman and Prime Minister Edward Heath. 

    “Parties and dinners were always a large part of the entertainment at the mansion and a large glossary of wonderful sounding recipes are included. I do plan to try more than a few! The ones that caught my attention are: Maple Glazed Scallops, Apricot Brandy Pound Cake, Spinach Cashew Salad, Stuffed Mushrooms and Almond Bars. 

    “This is more than just a Christmas book, it’s also a lovely remembrance of the past.”  
    Judith Miller, Amazon’s Vine Voice

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