Don’t Let the Fire Go Out

  • “Jean Carnahan is a remarkable woman with a remarkable life story—as a wife, a mother, a First Lady, a grieving widow, and a U.S. senator.  It is a story written with great grace by a most gracious lady.”  
    U.S. Senator Thomas Eagleton
  • “Never has one woman overcome adversity with such spirit, grace, and determination.  Jean Carnahan’s story is an inspiration to all of us and Don’t Let the Fire Go Out tells her story with wit, charm, and wisdom.  It is a book everyone should read.”  
    Ann Richards, former governor of Texas
  • “Jean Carnahan’s is a remarkable story of triumph over tragedy.  Don’t Let the Fire Go Out brings to light the remarkable woman I came to know in the U.S. Senate as a colleague, a friend, and a public servant in the truest sense.  It is written in the voice of a woman who not only has an inspiring story to share, but a genuine gift in sharing it.”  
    U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein

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